The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) is the European network of over 60 organisations dedicated to the promotion of, and support to, volunteers and volunteering in Europe at European, national or regional level. Together with its members, CEV works to promote and support volunteering through advocacy, knowledge sharing, capacity building and training. In this way CEV reaches out to the many thousands of volunteers and volunteer organisations around Europe as a source of support bringing the European dimension to their work.

CEV’s vision is a Europe in which volunteering is central in building a cohesive and inclusive society based on solidarity and active citizenship. Their mission is to contribute to the creation of and enabling political, social and economic environment in Europe where the full potential of volunteering can be realised.

Read more about the CEV network and initiatives at the CEV website.

International CEV contacts at the Secretariat for Aarhus 2018 - European Volunteering Capital.

Francesca Pisano and Uliana Bashniak were EVS Volunteers in 2018.